What Is Low-E Windows?

A low-E window is a glass with an invisible metallic layer, only several atoms in thickness, that is applied to its surfaces. It allows short-wave solar energy to pass while bouncing back out long-wave infrared energy. This ensures that most of the sun’s energy will enter into your home while only aloowing minimal amount of [...]

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Do I need a humidifier?

There are multiple important factors when it comes to indoor comfort. The most obvious one is temperature, which we try to maintain using the heating and cooling systems. The other mostly overlooked factor is humidity. If the air is too humid, it might cause mould and mildew growth. Mould can cause health and respiratory problems, [...]

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How to run your furnace more efficiently

With the winter season almost here in Toronto, most houses already have their furnace working. Because your furnace is tucked away in your basement, you might not really notice how hard it works to keep your home warm. Keeping your furnace clean goes hand in hand with its longevity and efficiency. Here are 5 ways [...]

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